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Atlanta's Appliance Store

Georgia Kitchens is not just another store, we are specialist in kitchen appliances. As you look for new kitchen appliances you need to work with a professional appliance store.

At Georgia Kitchens, we are dedicated to help you build the kitchen if your dreams with the best high-quality kitchen appliances on the market. We are located in Buford but service all areas around Georgia, hence why we are Atlanta’s Appliance Store!

We provide some of the best name brand kitchen appliance products in the country. While focusing on offering the best design features and functionalities for every consumer need. It is time to improve the way your kitchen looks and feels!

Appliance Delivery and Installation in Albany

Did you just make a kitchen appliance purchase but now don’t know how you will get it home or how you will install it?

Although this is a lot to handle, you fortunately have Georgia Kitchens who offer professional and experienced appliance deliveries and installations! 

We make sure that from the time you contact us, you are getting closer to your dream kitchen. This is why we make sure to follow-through by delivering then installing your kitchen appliances. 

Come To Our Showroom

Worried about purchasing an appliance without seeing it first? You don’t have to  be because we have a showroom!

Our showroom has all our brands and appliances displayed throughout it. This means you can come by and see what appliance(s) you are looking at, test it out then decided to go for it or move onto something else.

Once at the showroom you will be able to talk to experienced kitchen appliance professionals who will answer any questions you have. Allowing you to check out multiple brands and appliances all in one trip!

Coming to our showroom is by appointment only, therefore, you will need to contact us via phone, email or contact form. 

What Kitchen Appliance Brands We Offer in Albany

With an ever-changing landscape of technology and material quality, we make sure to have the best, high-quality and high-tech kitchen appliances at your disposal! This means going above and beyond to get the latest feature tech into our showroom like home connect? Home Connect is an application on your phone that can connect to your kitchen appliances and control them from anywhere! Let us help get you the best brands to your home in Albany.

A Kitchen Store Near You

Although our physical showroom is in Buford, we deliver and install kitchen appliances all around Georgia!



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